Sunday, March 01, 2009

If I'm gonna be a dick, I only want the challenge of being a MASSIVE dick.

So Curt Schilling says if he comes back he'd want to take on the "challenge" of either the Cubs or Rays.

The Cubs had the best record in the National League and the second best record in the Majors in 2008.

The Rays made the World Series last year and had the second best record in the AL in 2008.

Similarly, if I were to bother playing in the Ryder Cup, I'd only want the challenge of being paired with Tiger Woods.  If I were to lower myself to playing professional football, I'd only want to try to fix the problems facing the Steelers, or maybe the Patriots.  If I were to act in a movie, I'd only agree to allow my amazing talents to improve the dreck the Coen Brothers put out.  

Seriously, if Stephon Marbury said this week that he was looking forward to the challenge of the Celtics, the media would have mocked him senseless.  Schilling's got Platinum Crown Club priviliges on Douche Air Lines, but nobody seems to mention this.