Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gameday Recap - Too much to say today... I go off on rants...

First, indulge me a bit. For as much as I've mocked the theme song to Gameday this year, I really should give it a little more credit. Why, you may ask, should I give any credit to that annoying piece of corn-strewed shit? Well, probably because the Gameday version and accompanying video montage is freaking Casablanca and the first two Godfathers combined compared to the actual "Comin' to your city" song and video. I caught the video on one of the country music TV stations on Friday and let me tell you, if there is a worse video ever made, I have yet to see it. Aliens board a guitar the shape of one you might see in Helloween and they travel through a list of cities Big & Rich might visit soon. There are stripper-looking women, midgets and strobelike lighting. It is, in a word, diarrhetictacular. So from here on out, I will think highly of the opener, since it's light years ahead of the actual video. And if you want to have actual human shit hurtle at your eyes, it's on this site.

And on to the show...

Texas-TT might be the longest game in CFB history. "Pack dinner"
This year's Big 10 is "the best race I've ever seen."
Corso hasn't had a chance to fluff his former employers much this year, but he throws in a big push for the Hoosiers.
Big 10: 1. PSU, 2. OSU, 3. Iowa
Admits he was wrong about ND. Good on ye'.
Also brings up an elephant in the room- was it right to fire Tyrone Willingham?- says it was for $$$ reasons.
ND winning out and going to the BCS.
Agrees with Howard about Reggie Bush, but then raves about Maurice Drew. Good comment, actually. I think the dosage is right for Lee today.
Thinks only Texas goes undefeated. But then laughs and says it won't happen.
Loves Texas Tech's creampuff schedule.
Also, considers Texas close with USC.
Unsure if Spurrier has the patience to stay at South Carolina and win. Thinks Vandy beats him.
Game Changer: Maurice Drew. Apparently, Lee had a book report due on him this week.
MSU's D is poor. Northwestern's is even worse.

Hints at emotional games the previous week carrying over to the next week. Is Herbie reading this?
Vols are desperate.
"They're playing Washington, but you've gotta show Reggie Bush every week." Honest words come out from Herbstreit. Sorry, y'all, but the media has already decided the Heisman.
USC's D will get much better as the season goes on, become "dominant".
UCLA cannot stop anybody, and "they represent the Pac-10". I agree to some extent, but watch the west coast get their panties in a wad over that.
"Big 10 has really upgraded the coaching." They added Terry Hoeppner and Ron Zook since last year. That's all. We'll see on Hoeppner, since he hasn't beaten anyone of substance. And Zook? Right. Everyone else has been there for at least what, 5 years? He qualifies it by comparing it to 10 or 15 years ago (I'd still dispute it), but Corso takes offense, which makes the statement totally worth it.
Big 10: 1. Iowa and Ohio State (OSU gets the tiebreaker on h-to-h)
If you think the season is going well for ND, the recruiting is going even better. Another aside (and I've already had a few with Herbstreit today)- it's one thing for a recruiting dude on the internet to comment about how well teams are doing in recruiting, because I think those types have minimal impact on the actual recruiting. But when one of the most prominent CFB talking heads raves about a particular team, I think recruits might pay some attention. I don't think I'd appreciate that comment if I were a recruiting coordinator at another midwestern school.
ND winning out, going to BCS.
Heisman is a 2 man race between Bush and Young, but Bush is at a different (higher) level than anyone, maybe EVER! Whoa! Here comes overpromotion!
Thinks UGA and Alabama both lose. Thinks USC, Texas and VT go undefeated.
Auburn has the best tandem of Defensive Ends in the SEC, arguably the country. There are 4 other teams in the SEC (UGA, LSU, UT, Alabama) about which he could've said the same thing (not saying it's definitely wrong, but I think they're all really good). He was probably right in that it was the game of the day.
Doesn't think South Carolina goes to a bowl.
Alabama's lost their "rhythm". Where's LaChey to provide insight on beat and melody?
Iowa locker room is overrated, but the fans (when Iowa's good) are nasty.
Texas is probably the best offensive line in all of college football (I'll have to check the notes, but I thought he said that about Minnesota a few weeks ago)
Game Changer: Drew Tate

"Every week in the Big 10 is fun. We're going to talk about all 5 games there." And how many of them are broadcasted on the ESPN family of networks? Just askin'... [and, yes, they talked about 4 SEC games, but the same promotion wasn't there.]
In a list of "good" things about the Big 10, he includes "porous defenses". Factually accurate, but the OSU message boards probably just posted his home phone number for death threats.
Tries to push aside Corso's comment on Willingham - "You've gotta get over the whole firing thing, we're moving forward." Then he brings back up how Corso was wrong about ND (which he'd just apologized for). Two interesting dynamics at play with this one little comment: 1) more pointing out how Corso doesn't know what he's talking about (hinting that they might be puching him out the door, to me) and 2) the Willingham firing can only have one storyline (and it's not that it was the right thing to do).
OK, there HAS to be a better anecdote than the one offered when it comes to Mike Tyson and Matt Leinart at a Victoria's Secret party. Seriously, that was a freaking tease. And then he follows it up with a weak joke.
It's a shame Maurice Drew doesn't play in the SEC because he'd get more attention as a Heisman candidate. Aside - This is, without question, the dumbest comment Fowler has said today. First, the SEC has some great backs. Like Joseph Addai or Ken Darby. The SEC has some great straight up players this year. Like Skyler Green, DJ Shockley, Jay Cutler or Brodie Croyle. And guess what? NONE of them have gotten a damn second's worth of serious Heisman hype from ESPN. If Maurice Drew played in the SEC, he'd be completely ignored just like all the other players down here. Second, if Maurice Drew played in the SEC, he'd run up against 5 of the top 25 rushing defenses in the country. The Pac-10? ONE. And that's USC, who, by virtue of whipping ass, forces teams into throwing the ball the entire second half. I think Drew's been pretty great. But he also hasn't played a defensive front anywhere near as good as Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, etc. That statement is just a freaking embarassment. And Corso and Herbstreit nod and agree. Sad, sad, sad.
Thinks Auburn's travel schedule is a big issue.
Calls Cody Hodges a "gunslinger". I love you too, Chris. Mention me again and I'll know it's true...
Game Changer: LSU's Defense.

Totally expects ND to win out and make a BCS game.
Reggie Bush is the most exciting, entertaining and explosive player in CFB. "If I were a singer in a church choir, I couldn't sing his praises high enough."
Maurice Drew is a watered down version of Bush. Vince Young is a good Heisman runner-up.

ND wins out. Makes the BCS. Good thing there are no dissenting opinions.

Truant. Fire him like Trev.

The horserace bit on the Big 10 race is unnecessary overpromotion. Strangely, they don't do this for the SEC West, or the Big 12 North, or the ACC Coastal, or the Big East. The marriage between the Big 10 and ESPN/ABC is not good for college football. There, I said it. What? What?
The piece on the ND-USC game from last week was pretty good.
Game Face: I've got to hand it to Texas. The winner actually didn't look like the biggest tool on earth, unlike every other school they've visited. He still looked like a tool, but not quite as bad.
Aaaarrrrgh!! The Home Depot Demo Field returns, with lance Armstrong. Waste of time, not entertaining or informative. Armstrong provides tepid analysis. "Mack Brown's a great guy."
A lot of commercials in the second half of today's show.
Pink locker room bit was worth showing, but again, Chris Connelly?

All in all, a lot to take issue with today. I would not consider this one of their better efforts.