Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I called you a douchebag... I was too kind.

I had a nasty post all teed up on Stewart Mandel's turd today, but I'm A Realist took it on first. I might add a few things tomorrow or something.

Basically my feelings are these:

Before I wrote "Mandel can eat a dick." Now, I'd like to retract that. I'm not sure he's bright enough even to eat a dick. I could see the case being that someone else would have to cut up and chew the dick and then mash the dick into a fine paste and feed it to little Stewie with a spoon while making the airplane landing noises.

Seriously, I think Mandel's too stupid to know how to shit himself.

UPDATE: T. Kyle King, who I've been meaning to add to the blogroll forever, throws in a great item on SEC defenses. A line I've been meaning to write myself:

Maybe that's why, when high-flying offenses run up against dominating defenses---such as in the national championship games pitting Alabama and Miami in 1992, Nebraska and Florida in 1995, Oklahoma and Florida State in 2000, and Louisiana State and Oklahoma in 2003---O gets its bell rung by D.

While I'm not sure this is always true (last year I think Oklahoma's D was pretty stout), I think it's a pretty good trend. Something to think about at the end of the year.