Thursday, January 05, 2006


I can't shake this image...

Shelley Smith in bed, curled up against the headboard. Hair messed up and makeup in streams down her face. The sheets all around her, she's shaking uncontrolably.

Matt Leinart walks in from the bathroom.

Shelley: You won't even hold me afterwards...

Matt: Come on now, we both knew what we were doing.

Shelley: But you don't have to be anywhere... just... stay with me...

Matt: Yeah... See, I've got this thing.

Shelley: Don't leave me! Was this not important to you?

Matt: Relax! You'll be in and out of Troy Smith and Ted Ginn's beds in a few months. You might even get a crack at Brady Quinn if you can get him out of Steve Cyphers' view for more than one damn second.

Shelley: I just didn't think it'd end this way... (sobbing)

Matt: Don't worry. None of your bosses did either.