Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Who knew Walter Sobchak was a C-USA ref?

Some interesting 10th grade math coming from Gatorland. (Via EDSBS) My comments here.

What I don't understand is why aren't penalties (e.g., offsides, running into kicker, helmet-to-helmet unnecessary roughness, facemask, etc.) reviewable just like other calls (e.g., spot of ball, whether foot was inbounds, whether ball caught or trapped). All of these involve humans judging inches or less at breakneck speeds. And all of above-enumerated penalties were wrongly called against Iowa in the Outback Bowl. The big eye in the sky don't lie. Why not use it?

And that reminds me. Why the eff did the head ref in the Sugar Bowl have glasses on? That totally eliminates his peripheral vision. Call Linda Carter and get some damn contacts, or better yet, get some Eric Dickerson goggles. Damn, I hate referees.

I wish we could eliminate referees entirely, but with Bobby Bowden still coaching and getting his thugs back into their old, late '90s flag-hoarding form, I don't think the honor system for enforcing infractions will work in college football.