Thursday, April 13, 2006

Highlander was a documentary... and it was filmed in real time

And now a host of things bouncing around my head but not full-post deserving (or at least I don't have the time to get into it all).

1) Dominique Wilkins was elected to the basketball hall of fame. Deserving as hell, and he was tremendously screwed over last year, as I wrote about here. I feel bad that he now has to share this day with such spotlight hogs as Barkley and Auriemma. Last year would've been perfect for his tremendous accomplishments to be given the attention they deserve.

2) I missed the G-Day game and Bloggerpalooza. And now it's been so long I don't remember what I was doing instead. I remember it raining. I haven't even watched the CSS replay of it. Have to tell you, I can't stand watching these things. I think they're painfully boring. I don't learn anything from them (and what appears to be something to learn usually ends up being something that didn't mean much at all, like Ronnie Powell dominating). And pretty much the whole time I scared to death that someone's ACL is about to explode. Nothing against guys who like it, just it ain't for me. That said, I do want to meet y'all other writers. Perhaps I'll be the one to organize it. More to come.

3) Here's the thing: House pulled a tick out of Harriet the Spy's hoo-hah last week. This week he told his superior that her breasts were not the same size (and her reaction was absolutely priceless). It is the only medical show I have ever watched, and probably ever will. You are missing hilarity if you aren't watching.

4) CFR has written a few things about LenDale White lately that have made me kind of think oddly. I have kind of an odd meta thought about it, and believe me, this isn't critical. In the college football quadrant of the blogosphere, we all sort of wear several hats, or maybe we don't. Some football bloggers are for the most part purely team bloggers, like the SB Nation guys at BON or Kyle at Dawg Sports. Some are general football bloggers who have transparent and publicly stated personal favorites (like EDSBS or SMQ). Some are just bloggers who happen to write a lot about football (Doug at HJS is a good example). Then there are the guys out in LA (CFR and HP). Both of them seem to give the appearance of being general college football focused, almost like a mainstream media outlet, but both probably have a particular team that they follow most closely. I don't think one way is any better or worse than another. People can write about whatever they want, and I surely like it when people write about something they follow closely. I like to think I'm somewhere between the transparent general blogger and the just blogger who writes about football a lot. But also I can see someone dropping by once in a while and missing the (what I think is obvious) UGA bias. Back to the point, CFR's been kind of defensive about LenDale White's supposed draft status falling lately. And it's a little odd to me. I've been reading RA for almost a year now, and normally it seemed like he was actively trying to be unbiased, as in that's his editorial judgment - and he's done a good job at it too, especially with his exceptional skills at story aggregation and linking. I've always thought he's had some kind of a personal support for USC and the Pac-10, but I don't know him either, and for a while it seemed like he could've been just covering the top team. But the recent stuff about White has seemed more personal. And don't get me wrong, I've felt the same way about my own favorite dawg players. I haven't really thought this all through, and I know I'm kind of rambling. I guess what I'm trying to say is that as a reader, I like it when I know the personal biases of the writer, but then again, the words themselves should really stand alone. I don't think every writer needs to have a disclaimer right there saying something like "Hey, I'm an Ole Miss fan", and I definitely think that bloggers can be and are objective (not to be hatin' too much, but if you want unobjective team thoughts, check out the message board swamp). I guess I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here, so I'll just say it. I guess it just seems like lately CFR's personal views have come through a little more, and it's surprised me a little. But at the same time, I don't disagree with his LenDale White analysis either. I think White is a hell of a back and much better prepared for the bruising "between the tackles" running that most NFL teams demand from backs. Moreso than Bush, who may completely change the game, but like Michael Vick, might also be limited by vanilla offenses. Moreso than DeAngelo Williams, because I think he's got more mileage on his body. I think White, in some ways because of NFL circumstances more than pure talent, may end up the most successful of the flash position USC players to be drafted (Justice might tear shit up and Duce might be a 15 year starter too). So yeah. I guess what I'm saying is that I think CFR is right about LenDale White, but I also sense kind of a shift in how he's writing (which isn't a bad thing, but I think it's kind of worth writing about). Also, if it seems like I'm playing gotcha or picking a fight with RA, it's just bad writing and not what I mean to say.

5) I seriously think the Hawks should try to convince the Suns into taking their owed First rounder this year. Especially if Noah stays out of the draft. Say the Hawks pick where they'll finish (probably 4th). Now assume LaMarcus Aldridge, Tyrus Thomas, and Andreas Bargnani go 1,2,3 in some order, and McRoberts stays at Duke (as he probably should). The Hawks at 4 might be stuck with Adam Morrison or Rudy Gay, both of which play positions where the Hawks have 95 players on the roster already, or they'd reach for a center or point guard. I suppose they could trade the pick down and still get a point guard. Or they could give up the pick and be able to have lottery pick next year (and you just know that unless Ben Wallace joins the Hawks (right...) they'll be picking in the lottery again next year. And next year's lottery could have Joakim Noah, Josh McRoberts, Al Horford, Greg Oden, Corey Brewer, Kevin Durant, Daniel Gibson, Julian Wright, Brandan Wright, Jordan Farmar, Tyler Hansbrough, and probably a few guys like Tyrus Thomas who come out of nowhere. 2007 is shaping up to be a monster draft, and 2006 is looking like 3 Kings and a bunch of Jokers. Find a way, Billy. Hang on to the 2007 pick.

6) The Rolling Stones singing about Rice Krispies. Awesome. (via Altercation over --->)

7) Stewart Mandel writes about how West Virginia is now a team to pay attention to. Lord. My dog, who yesterday ate a pile of those caterpillar looking pollen thingies and who hasn't been able to figure out how to walk through a swinging door, could write this crap. Not a single thought in this column is something that hadn't been thought by dozens, if not hundreds, of people during the first quarter of the Sugar Bowl. Something new, please.

8) I'll be in Boston this weekend, so no updates here.

9) The Lady and I are heading to San Francisco for a short vacation around Memorial Day. Anything y'all can tell me that we need to do?

10) And finally... the title of this post refers to the fantastic line by Master Shake in the Happy Time Harry episode, which I annoyed the Lady to no end with by interrupting Katharine McPhee's performance on Tuesday night. She sang the love theme from Highlander on American Idol. Wrap your head around that. 40 million Americans were watching with baited breath while some saucy strumpet was singing a twenty year old song about the sadness of being immortal and dueling with swords and shit. The modern world is an odd place.