Thursday, June 01, 2006

I get out a pen and I make a list.

1) World Cup postings will continue. I'll do two a day, counting down the knockout stage losers until we get to my predicted champ. Sorry for the hiatus. We'll get there.

2) San Francisco and Sonoma were amazing. Great weather. Great food. Great drink. Just fantastic trip. Full recap coming later, once I go through the pictures. One sports thing: AT&T Park is really great. Amazing views. And Barry hadn't hit 715 when I went, which made every one of his at-bats awesome. A billion flash bulbs, people booing the hell out of balls. More to come.

3) Just a day or so ago I checked the gmail account to the right. Kanu, dude, sorry I haven't responded. I totally could've used the advice. Kicking myself hard. I'm an idiot when it comes to that. All apologies.

4) I haven't forgotten about college football or movies or anything else I tend to write on. In fact, I've got a lot of stuff kicking around in my head. Percolating, if you will. Once I get done with these World Cup previews, it's on. Plus, I ain't afraid of blogging during World Cup games, so there's plenty coming down the pipe.

5) I'm coming down sort of in the middle of the debate Kyle King's been hosting on blogging transparency. I prefer to remain semi-anonymous, but I think I've also disclosed my personal biases. If I haven't, here they are: I was born up north, lived in Georgia for 22 years. I have two degrees from the University of Georgia, and it is there and only there where my personal allegiances lie. Became a Bulldog fan for real after visiting the campus for the first time my senior year in high school (both parents went to smaller schools in Philadelphia). I root for the home team in all sports. Obviously, I pull for the USA in the World Cup. I'm typically pro-underdog in games where I have no personal rooting interest, but there are always exceptions. And yes, I think the content of the written words matters more than biases or credentials. If you want to discount whatever I write about a rival because I'm a Georgia fan, no sweat off my sack. But I also don't think it's very cool to actively conceal biases in the hope that that would add to credibility, somehow. It doesn't. Sunshine is usually the best antiseptic, so pretending to be a neutral onlooker when nobody's neutral is just kind of lame to me. I think I'll flesh this out more later.

6) The more I look at the NBA draft the more I'm certain that Billy Knight is going to draft Rudy Gay and piss me off.

7) The more I watch the Braves, the more Adam LaRoche and the entire bullpen piss me off.

8) Everything Dan Shanoff wrote about the Spelling Bee pissed me off. I thought Spellbound was great. I admire kids who are smart. But this kind of Northwesternism, as termed by Ian, just annoys the shit out of me

9) I think the Dawgs kind of got screwed in the draw, with FSU in the group. I guess the Noles have to go somewhere. At least they're at home.

10) As I keep writing this post, I realize that I have a lot of bile to unload. I should be able to post more frequently over the next month or so, so be ready for this website to pretty much resemble a shitlist. #1 on that list: whatever moron planned the San Francisco airport. I rode 14 elevators, 9 escalators, took two trains, and walked a mile and a half in order to go about 300 yards as the crow flies. Brilliant, bitches. More to come.