Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where am I?

Computer problems. Can't get the damn thing to stay on. Unsure what to do. Tried lots of things. It works in safe mode, but when I run Windows normally, it flicks off and restarts frequently and without warning. I ran Norton AV in safe mode and found a security threat, deleted it, and restarted Windows regularly. Worked for about 30 minutes (long since we've been having the problem), and I started patting myself on the back. And then it flicked off.

And I've been slammed at work.

So posting has been impossible.

Got to figure out this problem, but every time I try something new it works for a second, then fails.

I tried calling the computer manufacturer. Toshiba, you're an awesome company. The POS spent 3 weeks in the repair shop while under warranty. Renewing the warranty would've cost $250, so we passed on it (a new laptop isn't all that much more and the time in the shop seemed to fix it). Literally to the day after the warranty expired, we started having more trouble (power problems - seemed like it was always running on low power - dimmed screen, some functions slowed). About a month later the flicking off and restarting began. It's almost exactly like that PC/MAC commercial where John Hodgman keeps freezing. And that makes me think there might be a mac in my future (I had one in college and law school, never had any trouble with it, except with the whole "can't connect to the office with it because they didn't have mac discs" but I think they've fixed that issue).

Anyone know a way to fix the fllicking problem? Saw online that people just used compressed air to fix it, as if it's an overheating issue. Not really the case here, I think, because of the irregularity of the problem (it doesn't just flick off when I've been using it a long time, or when I have a few applications open), and because it didn't happen in safe mode.

Also, I support net neutrality because I want to be able to say bad things about multinational conglomerates (like Toshiba) who might own "internet tubes" without worry of censorship. And to be able to say how I honestly believe Comcast is the single worst company in the history of American business. They're my internet provider and they suck. The worst. Seriously.

But anyway, I still exist. I've been making comments elsewhere once in a while. I just haven't had the ability to post things at home.