Monday, September 04, 2006

One Gameday Item

I'm not doing a full recap, especially since what I saw of the Monday night edition was basically the same stuff they said on Saturday and continuous promotion of the "full circle" gimmick.

But there was one thing that pissed me off.

Lou Holtz, when they were discussing "things they learned from the opening weekend", singled out two teams that need to improve. He singled out Georgia, because the Dawgs didn't even reach 300 total yards in a game against a 1-AA opponent. He also singled out Penn State, because the Nittany Lions didn't rush for many yards against a poor MAC team.

Nevermind the fact that the Penn State game was played in about the worst weather conditions I've ever seen. Or the fact that Akron won the MAC last year and should be pretty good again this year (and they're known for their defensive front).

Nevermind the fact that Georgia nearly set an all-time team record for return yards (meaning that the drives Georgia had were short). Or the fact that Georgia played 50+ players, including three QBs, to avoid injuries and to conceal offensive schemes.

The only thing you need to know to understand Lou Holtz's comments:

Saturday, September 9th:

(19) Penn State at (2) Notre Dame
(15) Georgia at South Carolina

And where were the last two universities where Lou Holtz coached?

These are the custodians of our football discourse. Listen to them at your own peril.