Sunday, September 24, 2006



My seven years as a student at the University of Georgia spanned the last year of the Ray Goff era, the complete stretch of the Jim Donnan years, and the first season of Mark Richt's tenure.

Simply stated, not in the last 4 seasons have I felt so much like I was back in school.

Unprepared describes the game some. Unmotivated describes it too. I suppose I fell into the trap too, but I feel pretty stupid for taking lightly Colorado.

And twice in the second half, while trailing, Georgia expended a timeout WITH THE CLOCK STOPPED ALREADY! Once when the penalty would've been merely five yards on an extra point! Coutu might've been injured, but I think he could've hit a 24 yarder just about as well as a 19 yarder. Thankfully Colorado's use of timeouts was about as bad.

But no excuses can or should be made. Colorado played nearly flawlessly for the first 50 minutes of the game. And in a way it took their miscues to swing the game.

The positives? Well, there's a 4 in the win column. And hopefully this gets Georgia's "bad game" out of the way. And I loved the Joe Cox quote when he finally entered the game (so sayeth Kevin Butler on the 5th quarter show): "We're winning this game. If we can't score 14 points, we don't deserve to wear the G on our helmet." Great attitude.

The negatives? Everything else but I'll focus on two things:

1) Apparently Georgia still has trouble defending teams that cannot throw the ball downfield. For the duration of the game, Colorado didn't really attempt a pass longer than 6 yards (though many went for longer than that because of missed coverage and missed tackles in thefirst half). Yet Georgia continued to play both safeties 15-20 yards off the ball, choosing to play 7 on 9. The opponent's rushing attack wasn't as potent (thankfully), but our defensive strategy (for the first half - Georgia made some adjustments after halftime) looked a whole lot like that towards West Virginia.

2) If the Dawgs can't defend 6 yard out passes to the tight end, we'll lose to Florida by 40.

Luckily, we should have a chance to get back on track next weekend against Ole Miss (who got trounced at home by the juggernaut that is Wake Forest). Of course, my head keeps telling me that the hangover from the Colorado game might last a few days (and cost some practice time), and there's also the aspect of looking ahead to Tennessee, and the damn game is scheduled for the middle of the night - all of which don't add up to good things for Georgia. But Mark Richt's Dawgs play well against the West-not-Auburn and especially on the road.