Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Please just let Chris Dimino talk...

In one segment this morning on 790 the Zone, Steak, Dimino and Cellini were talking about the Johan Santana trade. In a 3 minute span, Steak Shapiro made the following errors:

  • Called Hanley Ramirez, "Aramis Ramirez".
  • Called Anibal Sanchez, "Aramis Sanchez".
  • Called Carlos Beltran, "Carlos Beltre".
  • Mentioned the Braves' starting pitchers (listed them all) without referencing Tom Glavine.
  • Said Mike Gonzalez is a risk because his "history of arm problems". In 4 seasons, Gonzalez has just one injury year (last year). In prior years, he pitched in 47, 51 and 54 games. He's no Mark Prior.
  • Also, he said Santana is "maybe the second best starter in baseball." Is there some consensus on someone who is better than Santana? Peavy, Webb, Beckett? Am I missing someone? Santana is the best pitcher in baseball. There's not much debate on that.

Steak, you've got one of the best baseball minds in radio not 5 feet from where you're sitting. Just slowly push the microphone away from you and let the professional handle this.


Jeff said...

I stopped listening to Mayhem in the A.M. as soon as the Regular Guys came back on Monday.

darkness said...

I've never been able to last more than five minutes on any sports radio station.

Michael said...

Please tell me you were listening this morning when Steak referred to Sekou Smith as syncophantic towards the Hawks and Mike Woodson. Yes, the same Steak Shapiro who would buy anything and everything that Arthur Blank and Rich McKay were selling until it was no longer possible.

LD said...

Missed that. But it's interesting how Sekou Smith just a year or so ago was known as "the best in the business" on 790, but now that he doesn't have a regular call-in slot he gets railed.

Shapiro needs to get off the air. You were completely right when you wrote about how Mayhem would suffer without Bell monopolizing the mic. Dimino is too nice and smart. Now Steak is the only attention whore on the show and he's also the worst of them all.