Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dear Brent Musberger

Florida did not kick a meaningless field goal to impress recruits, or voters.

Florida did not throw to the end zone or run plays with time left on the play clock on their final drive to win "the beauty contest."

Florida did not continue to "showcase their offense," with all starters in, when Miami had already not used their final time out, and when Florida could have kneeled out the clock.

No, Brent, you naive drunk.

The line was between 21 and 22, depending on the source. Florida was up 20. It was a gambling move alone. Please the big donors.

I'm sure there's a network taboo with mentioning gambling. But it does a disservice to viewers. Urban Meyer pressed his O to please his gambling fans. Don't mention it though. Might not match the narrative of Saint Tim and Pope Urban.


The Wrangler said...

I actually had The U at +23.5, so the throws to the endzone were particularly irritating. Dave had Gators -21.5, so we both had a little celebration. If we'd have known of the line discrepancy, I guess we should have pooled our money and risked quite a bit more on both sides. Instead, these were only in no-money yahoo pick'em-type office games.

Anonymous said...

I had Miami +23 so it was a big factor for me...push rather than a win. While I am not unbiased due to that, I feel it was typically low class Florida and Meyer so I was not surprised. Meyer rolls on the little guys, and pads stats for his players. They will lose thier usual 3-4 this year. Meyer is all ESPN hype and has much discontent on the team. He is more overrated than the Gators!

Anonymous said...

I can absolutely, 100%, no-doubt-about-it, GAR-ON-TEE, that BM knew precisely why Urbie kicked the FG. One of the truly fun parts of listening to BM is to try to figure out which way he "needs" the game to go.

There have been some legendary examples where he acts as if Usain Bolt just destroyed a world record on an otherwise meaningless score in a meaningless conference tilt.

The fun last Saturday was listening to him come up with the lame explanations as to the significance of the last UF FG. It was the comedy high point of the day, Dr. Lou, notwithstanding.