Monday, November 07, 2005

Links (finally) updated

Added a few new things that everyone should read immediately because they're good.

Chowdaheads: Boston stuff, but not as terribly annoying as you'd expect.

Free Darko: You already know how great this is.

MJD: Not the Marietta Daily Journal. Also, he makes fun of Peter King today.

Sports Frog: frequent link on Deadspin. Aight I guess...

YAY! Sports: Be sure to click the various categories. I feel dumb for not reading this way long ago.

All Things Longhorn: This is a good first line of defense against the marauding Trojan armies. Beyond that, it's good analysis even outside of the Peoples Republic of Austin.

Death Valley Saturdays: Lots of previews and recaps.

T. Kyle King: Awesome Georgia stuff. The Mayor of the capital of the college football blogworld.

Schembechler Hall: I truly hope Joey doesn't hold anything back at his new digs. Also, does the hall feature the Lloyd Carr Memorial Urinal Trough?

State Fans Nation: Finally someone to cover Tobacco Road without all that Yankee Carpetbagger pretension.

And I'm on the look for more...